I am apart of an incredible collective called We Also Make Art (W.A.M.A.). We released a new zine about dreams and I had the honor of performing a new piece called take what you need. The piece was a collaboration between Anna Goldstein, Tyler Muehl and myself. Tyler had started collecting regrets and was in the process of making a zine about them. So Anna and I joined in to create a performance that would also collect regrets, but with a twist. My script was just the simple words: take what you need. The pocket options were: apologies, decision, encouragement, confidence, relief, tenderness, permission, stability, patience, and a call from a mom. There was also a pocket to deposit your regrets.

This is an ongoing piece. Tyler and I made seed paper out of the regrets with the hopes of planting them into something new!

Performed June 6, 2019

The following photos were taken by Rebecca Jacobs, find more of her work at http://rebeccasable.com/

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The following photos are from the audience

Summary of Take What You Need performance by my mom, Bernadine Young: 

When asked by my daughter to help with her performance, I happily said yes! I started out expecting to give conversation, encourage, and speak life & love to each person on the other end of the phone. And that was what happened! However, I got more out of the performance than I could have ever anticipated. 

I spoke with many people, each of whom brought joy into my day. One of them talked to me about the connection they had to my city and helping small business and coincidentally, that is part of what I do here! Another one was reminded (after hearing my voice) that he needed to call his mom -(score for moms everywhere!). Then there was one sweet woman who asked me for a pearl of wisdom and I proceeded to tell her to live each day from a grateful heart. I got to hear about weekend plans, weather, encouraging friends, work, and trips. 

It was awesome to be a part of this performance and super meaningful to interject into lives through technology! Through this, I was gifted new perspective and energy that will last beyond today!