I threw a Thank You Banquet. In the Spring of 2015 at my final SMFA critique, instead of having what one might expect, I threw a long table, honorary guest, pass the plates banquet. I wanted to end my time at SMFA recapping and thanking all of those that had influenced me. I sent out invitations to varies people around the school, both whom I love dearly and whom I wanted to give thanks to. The catch was they had to RSVP with the phone number of their closest friend. I called those friends and said something something along the lines: Hi, I am Dennissa. I am throwing a Thank You Banquet, and your friend ________ is the guest of honor. Is there anything you would like to publicly recognize them for?" Then it usually turned into a deep conversation or they would ask for my email to have more time to think about it. At the actual banquet I read out loud what each person had said. It was a moment of gratitude and appreciation. It was indeed a very special moment for them, the other guests, and myself and all while a live violinist was playing music.

I wanted to be in the moment and just let the guests capture the moment how they wanted. The bottom two pictures are from two of the guests. The second to bottom one is from Emily and the other Chase, who sat at the head of the table, posted on his instagram after the event.