Curated Conversation is a piece I created because I wanted to encourage the conversation of art and faith amongst my community. I was surrounded by gifted artists that maybe didn’t all identify that way and wanted to rally them to talk about how we were created and why were made. I handpicked a small group to have dinner and chat. A potluck at the home of artist and friend of mine, Cindy Lu. Firstly, Cindy’s house is a place where your brain feels like it has space to be. A big wooden table, a swing in the dinning room and a place where art and life life together.

Here is the invitation I sent:

email edit of you're invited.jpg

I asked that each guest would provide the phone number of their closest friend as their RSVP. I called each person and inquired about the best way to introduce them at the dinner performance experience. I asked the close friends also a favorite song of the guests. I wanted to add a personal touch - not only would they get described and called a capital Artist by their biggest fan, they would also catch their favorite jam playing while we ate dinner. We also sat in a gradient according to what everyone was wearing so from black to white, each marked with a hand painted water color name card by artist Sabrina Giese.

Here are some photos from that night, some from me, some from others that were around the table

This is what the guests put up on their social media platforms after or during the night